A  side from being Infusionsoft Certified Consultants Marketing Automation Wizard is also Certified for 3 Infusionsoft add-ons: Fix Your FunnelCustomer Hub- Gro Social as you can see our badges at the bottom of this site






Text Messaging for InfusionSoft,

(Unlimited Keywords, Personalize SMS Messages with any Contact Data, Multi-Step, Automated, SMS Conversations, Tag Contacts, Add Contacts to Follow Up Sequences, Use REAL Phone Numbers Not Confusing Short Codes, Collect ANY Data via SMS, Lead Source Tracking, Incoming SMS Messages in Contact Notes, Creates or Updates Contact Records on the Fly, One Number…Two Super Powers)


Easy One Click Up Sells

If you sell products, services or entry to events, using Infusionsoft’s order forms, and you are not leading the new buyer to an immediate up sell, YOU ARE LEAVING MONEY ON THE TABLE!!!


SendOutCards* Integration

Control SendOutCards with Infusionsoft  Quit wasting your time manually sending out greeting cards (single, double & triple fold), post cards and even gifts (everything from cookies to gift cards) and let us automate your high value lead follow up, Wowing Welcome, or any other campaign you want sending out direct mail, controlled by the power of Infusionsoft.  We take out the hassle of direct mail…once and for all. *SendOutCards does not endorse nor have they partnered with FixYourFunnel for this integration. FixYourFunnel is not an independent distributor of SendOutCards. If you would like to register for SendOutCards please contact a local distributor, we only offer the integration with Infusionsoft.


Call Monitoring for InfusionSoft

Maximize EVERY Marketing Dollar Novice marketers focus on getting the lead, but experienced marketers know that the job is only done when dollars exchange hands. You can cut the cost of generating a sale by 50% or more when you monitor and track how well incoming calls are being handled. Know EXACTLY How Every Call is Being Handled.  Improve the performance of your sales team, receptionist, or anyone who answers the phone.  Easily identify incompatible staff who need to be replaced.  Improve your lead conversion.  Reduce the cost of each new customer.  Experience real growth on your current marketing budget.


Speed Dialer for Infusionsoft     

Auto dial from Saved Lists. Track who called who and when.  Update contact with call outcomes as you call.  Move your team through call lists for quick processing of sales leads or customer support calls.  Web based calling using a usb headset for quick and inexpensive set up.  Simple tracking of number of calls that your out of office sales/customer support people make each day.  Successful calls are moved off the list and to the next stage with a click of the button.  We’ve found that to fully reach the goal of eliminating multi-system chaos and make Infusionsoft the only CRM you’ll ever need, you must have your inbound and outbound phone interactions tied into Infusionsoft.


24-7 Recorded Message for InfusionSoft

Capture leads with pre recorded telephone messages using toll free or local numbers with FULL InfusionSoft integration! When a Prospect Calls Your Number, Fix Your Funnel will: Create or update a contact record for the prospect, Apply tag to the prospect’s contact record, Record their message and add it to the prospect’s contact record as a link in the notes, Start a follow up sequence for the prospect, Give them the option to press 1 to be connected with your office or cell number, Set the lead source for ROI calculation


Funnel Bots Open New Doors of Automation!

If you’re ready to make the impossible possible, you’re ready for Funnel Bots

The Revenue Report Bot The Revenue Report Bot is a personal favorite. This bot is of the category we call Owner Bots because this bot is designed to harvest data from your Infusionsoft app and deliver the important summary. In the case of the Revenue Report Bot it’s going to tell you how much revenue was collected in your app, the number of customers that contributed to that total and the average spend per customer. Additionally this bot will create a tag for the month and year and apply it to each customer that spent money with you for the month it’s reporting on. If the tag already exists then the bot will stop running the report. I personally have these numbers sent to me via SMS on the first of each month.
The Split Tester Bot: The Split Tester Bot allows you to run a group of contacts based on a tag they share in common through an A/B split test. Like other owner bots you actually apply this bot to your own contact record and it will do it’s work on all contacts that match the variables provided.

You Are Number Bot:  You Are Number Bot will count how many contacts have a particular tag and return that number to a whole number or text field.
Counter Bot: Counter Bot was the bot that inspired the Funnel Bots. Counter Bot was inspired by Jermaine Griggs work on behavior based marketing. Counter Bot is used to advance a count by one that is stored in a whole number field in a contact record.
The Move It Bot: The Move It Bot will move a field value from one field to another. This bot does not discriminate. It will transfer any type of value from one place to another, so make sure your field types are compatible.
The Proper Bot:  The Proper Bot will convert any text field into proper case words. So your prospect thinks they need to SCREAM their name into your webform, but you don’t want to scream it back? Use Proper Bot to refine that text on the fly.
The Note Pad Bot: The Note Pad Bot will append the data in the field you indicate to the Contact Notes with a nice date time stamp. If you want to gather data out of custom fields to recycle them, this is the way to do it!

The Addition Bot: The Addition Bot does exactly what you’d expect. It adds two numbers and saves the result to the field you indicate. It’s designed to work with numbers of all types.
The Subtraction Bot: The Subtraction Bot does exactly what you’d expect. It subtracts value 2 from value 1 and saves the result to the field you indicate. It’s designed to work with numbers of all types.
The Multiplication Bot: The Multiplication Bot does exactly what you’d expect. It multiplies two numbers and saves the result to the field you indicate. It’s designed to work with numbers of all types.
The Division Bot: The Division Bot does exactly what you’d expect. It divides value 1 by value 2 and saves the result to the field you indicate. It’s designed to work with numbers of all types.

Order Item Quantity Bot: Order Item Quantity Bot looks at the last order and returns the quantity of a product based on a product id provided.
Balance Due Bot: Balance Due Bot is a very important bot. He finds out how much money a contact has outstanding for a give period of time and saves it to a field in the contact record (generally a currency field). Yes, I know there are other reports and automation for dealing with past due balances, but this bot is the last bot to make sure your other processes for collection are working!
Big Spender Bot: Big Spender Bot will calculate how much a customer has spent in a given period of time and save that to the field you indicate (generally a currency field).
Last Invoice Bot: Last Invoice Bot was our first suggested bot. A private client didn’t want to use the default receipts that Infusionsoft sends out, so he needed a way to get the total spent on the last invoice and merge it into an email that told his customer about their purchase. He runs this bot right before sending out the order confirmation, and since this bot runs in a couple seconds, it’s fast enough to keep the pace!
The Transaction Average Bot: The Transaction Average Bot will calculate and save the average transaction value of a customer for a give time period.
The Transaction Count Bot: The Transaction Count Bot will tell you how many times a customer has purchased from you in a give period of time.

Social Bot: Social Bot scours the interwebs for social networks associated with your contact’s information and returns a report of what it found, if anything. Social Bot will save the report to the notes of the contact, but optionally it can save the report to a field as well. Unlike the rest of the bots, Social Bot does have an additional cost. But at 2 cents per successful report, it’s nominal compared to the value of the data!
Social H Bot: Social H Bot scours the interwebs for social networks associated with your contact’s information and returns a report of what it found, if anything. Unlike it’s brother Social Bot, Social H Bot will save the report to the field indicated in html format. This is great for merging the results into a webpage for easy viewing and clicking. Unlike the rest of the bots, Social H Bot does have an additional cost. But at 2 cents per successful report, it’s nominal compared to the value of the data!
Social Multi Bot: Social Multi Bot is the bot to use when you want to run a large portion of your database through the social bot process. The Social Multi Bot is designed to protect your Infusionsoft app from being overwhelmed by API calls that the Social Bot makes. Unlike the rest of the bots, Social Multi Bot does have an additional cost. But at 2 cents per successful report, it’s nominal compared to the value of the data!

Add Time Bot: This bot is called Add Time Bot, but really he’ll subtract time too. Just enter a negative number for timetoadd and he’ll remove that much time from your original date! Do you need to add time to an expiration date, or any other date or date/time field in your contact records? The Add Time Bot is here to help.
The Date Difference Bot: The Date Difference Bot will get the difference in the unit of time indicated between any two date or date/time fields in a contact record. Useful for seeing how long a customer has been in your database for things like anniversaries. Because the difference is absolute, it doesn’t matter which date you put in the first or second slot.
Friendly Date Bot: Friendly Date Bot takes these ugly hard to read dates that computers love and displays it in a nice friendly format. We like to keep a text field reserved for our friendly dates and just run the Friendly Date Bot before we send out a notification with the date merged into the out bound SMS, Email or Direct Mail piece (i.e. ZenDirect).
The Tag Difference Bot: The Tag Difference Bot will get the difference in the unit of time indicated between when any two tags in a contact record were added. Useful for seeing how long it took for a prospect to become a customer (apply a tag to all prospecting actions and another tag when any purchase is made. Even though it may try to apply the tag multiple times, the date the tag was originally added will be the date unless the tag is removed.)
The Date Tag Bot: The Date Tag Bot takes a date you give it and applies a tag named the day of the week, month and or year.

The Referral Count Bot; Referral Count Bot was requested by a funnel bot user! This bot will count how many referrals an affiliate has based off the affiliate’s contact id and return that number to a whole number or text field.


Are You Keeping Score? One of our favorite Direct Response Marketing Gurus is Dan Kennedy. He’s notorious for insisting that business owners exercise “Accurate Thinking” (Napoleon Hill’s 17th, and apparently LEAST POPULAR principle). One of the ways we try and apply the concept of Accurate Thinking is to keep score. We keep score on response to lead generation activities. We keep score on conversion from lead to customer. We keep score on ascension. And we think you ought to be doing the same thing!








Promote your business with social media like never before.

Create killer Facebook promotions & contests
Social promotions should generate awareness and engagement, leads and new customers, so stop wasting valuable time and resources trying to run Facebook giveaways in the News Feed. Now you can quickly and easily create social photo contests, giveaways, video contests, viral vote promotions, newsletter signup forms and more—all without a designer or programmer. Yes, we get excited about it too.

Customize your Facebook Timeline cover & profile
Tired of your generic, boring Facebook Timeline cover? Do you wish you could easily turn it into your own social billboard so customers trust you more, love you more and want to do business with you? We have great news. GroSocial’s drag-and-drop design software gives you everything you need to pull it off. Use one of our many templates or start from scratch, and then publish to Facebook with one click.

Be proud of your Twitter profile
Twitter backgrounds don’t have to be generic, vague and lame. With GroSocial’s Twitter templates and drag-and-drop software, you can finally have a Twitter background, Twitter profile and overall Twitter presence to be proud of. In GroSocial’s content management suite, schedule posts and discover content to make Twitter less about tweeting and more about lead generation.

Stop wasting time figuring out what, when & how to post.
We all struggle with what to share on our Facebook page and what to tweet to our Twitter followers. Not only does GroSocial help you look great on social networks and easily run promotions, but we also make it easier than ever to find content for sharing. Create custom feeds of headlines to keep your fans engaged, schedule posts and tweets ahead of time and monitor results. We know, it’s kind of a big deal.

Yes, we integrate with “everything”
Wouldn’t life be better if everything just worked together? All leads and promotion entrants can be added automatically to your Infusionsoft account. Not an Infusionsoft user? No problem! Easily embed forms and content from other popular marketing programs including MailChimp, Wufoo, Hubspot, SurveyMonkey, Eventbrite and more!







What can it do for me?

Customized Thank You Pages Redirect people to different offers, content or any other page based on their tag or contact data.

Split Test Pages Test different web pages to discover which page has the best conversion rate.

Split Test Emails Split test emails and follow-up sequences in Infusionsoft to determine which one has the best conversion rate.

Video Tracking Find out how much of your content is actually being consumed by your customers and prospects.

Cycler Easily, intelligently, and automatically decide which content to send to prospects and customers

Addition and Subtraction Keep track of your contacts behaviors by adding or subtracting data stored in their records. Keep track of how many links they click, web forms they fill out, times they purchase and more. Or simply add or subtract custom fields you already have.

Division Have your own unique data calculations that you need to perform? No problem. Use this feature to divide number fields.  

Multiplication Have your own unique data calculations that you need to perform? No problem. Use this feature to multiply number fields.

Combine Fields Intelligently combine fields together to tailor greeting fields, and to expand the size of a field set with a specific value.

Make a Note Create a note for a contact using field data to populate the note body.

Apply Tag to Associated Records Apply a tag to all contacts that share the same value in a custom field.

Set Owner Set the owner of a contact record to the user that created the record.

Set Field Set a field to a specified value or to a value in another field.

Humanize Infusionsoft Dates Humanize lets you turn the digital calendar language of the computer into the conversational calendar language of the human being… perfect for strengthening any message where giving a date is important.

What’s the date? Know when free trials expire, subscriptions need to be renewed, and other essential dates.

How Much Time is Between Two Events Get a complete picture of your sales cycle. Take two events inside Infusionsoft and figure out how many days were between them.




Lead pages





LeadPages™ was created to Help You Grow A Massive Following

Software company that creates simple and beautiful software and web apps that allow businesses to grow large and devoted audiences. We believe compelling online marketing doesn’t need to be time consuming and tedious. And our goal is to create insanely useful (and technologically sound) tools that work almost instantly, make life easier, and eventually change our industry.




stealth seminar


Live Online Meetings
We integrate with Google’s Hangouts on Air to provide advanced webinar features such as registration pages, analytics, reminders, etc.

Automated Meetings
We also offer automated webinars that will run, educate and convert on autopilot. Save time. Serve various audiences regardless of time zone.

Automated Hybrid Meetings
Combine automated and live. Come on after recorded presentation to answer questions live, etc. Spend your time wisely instead of wastefully.






EASY LEAD CAPTURE: Quickly add leads to Infusionsoft with Social Fuse’s unique webform technology. Link custom mobile webforms in text messages for fast, effective lead capture.

SURVEY & SEGMENT: Send a simple text message with a Social Fuse survey to quickly segment your list. Apply tags based on answers for instant automation inside Infusionsoft:

NURTURE LEADS: Send SMS text messages from inside the Infusionsoft Campaign Builder. Add personalization to your messages by included merge data from inside their contact record:

APPOINTMENT REMINDERS: Schedule appointment reminders from inside the campaign builder using internal forms. Easily sync appointments with GoogleCal and MyDay:

AUTOMATION WITH SMS: Apply tags, run actions, & automate with a click of a link. Attach contact data to the end of URLs to link with: UPS, FedEx, USPS, AppointmentCore, payment pages, plus much more!

PAYMENT PROCESSING: Accept payments from a text message. Use Stripe, Authorize.net, Paypal, or Infusionsoft to process the payments. You can even charge one-click upsells, and reorders.