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  Extra Tird party add-ons (Monthly services fees not included)

  • Infusionsoft integration with a 3RD party Interactive Video:     Know and Retain Your Customers and Employees with Interactive Video.  Interactive Video Surveys / puzzels with Real-Time Segmentation  of Answers. (Get to know your prospects and customers in depth by asking them what they want, filtering and segmenting their answers and sending them responses in real time.) Interactive Webinars  with Engaging Questions  and Answers (Increase your conversions and reduce abandonment by adding questions timed to when you want them to appear in your webinar.).  Rewards, Incentive, & Entertain (Get Opinions, insights and answers by giving your prospects and customers coupons, discounts, reward points, prizes and gifts.) Mobile Video and Tablets Provide Instant Two-Way Communication and Interactivity  (Find out what your prospects want anywhere and anytime right by asking them and responding in real time to their requests.)*
  • Infusionsoft integration with a 3RD party interactive agenda*
  • Infusionsoft integration with a 3RD party inventory app*
  • Infusionsoft integration with a 3RD party shopping cart*
  • Infusionsoft integration with a 3RD party POS SYSTEM*
  • Mobile Marketing (sms reminders  –    automated sms conversations –  sms links tracking  –  sms lead capture –  sms surveys etc.)
  • Phone system integrated with Infusionsoft  ( Call montoring /  Inbound & Outbound calling / Out bound dialer
  • Direct mail Integration (cards-cookies- gifts- brownies etc.)
  • Go to webinar integration with Infusionsoft
  • Paypal Integration (Paypal POS system can be developped)
  • One click up-sale script


  • CustomerHub: Everything you need to deliver, automate and monetize your content, all in one place.      Easy Membership Site Creation, Save time by automating permissions, collections and more, Customize the site to match your website, Boost sales with free trials and upsell offers, Powerful Content Management: Create and personalize pages, Add multimedia content including video, audio and PDF downloads, Password protect valuable content, Automatic Content Delivery; Deliver content on a time-based or self-paced basis, Show content teasers for upcoming or unavailable content, Vary content by membership level or purchases; Complete Facebook Integration; Encourage interaction with Facebook commenting, Enable members to “like” and share content, Automatically redirect non-members to a signup page; Seamless Integration with Infusionsoft;Quick and easy setup wizard, Use Infusionsoft forms or carts to register new members, Manage passwords, billing and permissions with Infusionsoft; Customer Account Portal; Improve cash flow with a customer account portal, Collect failed payments and update expiring credit cards, Allow customers to manage their profiles and billing preferences and so much more.
  • GroSocial: a suite of web-based tools that allow you to easily build and track social media campaigns, make your Facebook and Twitter pages look awesome, and much more;    design it your way; Start from scratch or use one of our great-looking professionally designed templates to create Facebook tabs, Timeline covers, Twitter backgrounds, and more, for all your social campaigns. With GroSocial’s design tools, you’re in complete control of your brand’s social networking identity.   Give it some oomph; the drag-and-drop campaign builder allows you to create powerful viral promotions, sweepstakes, photo and video contests, and lead capture forms. Also use GroSocial to distribute coupons, cross-promote your company’s other social networking accounts, and more, all in a matter of minutes;  Analyze & improve:  Our in-depth analytics give you insight into which campaigns are working and which ones aren’t. Everything from form submission to fan and follower sharing can be tracked for detailed analysis.


Cutting edge automation for your business with Automation Bots Know exactly what’s up with your business


The Revenue Report Bot The Revenue Report Bot is a personal favorite. This bot is of the category we call Owner Bots because this bot is designed to harvest data from your Infusionsoft app and deliver the important summary. In the case of the Revenue Report Bot it’s going to tell you how much revenue was collected in your app, the number of customers that contributed to that total and the average spend per customer. Additionally this bot will create a tag for the month and year and apply it to each customer that spent money with you for the month it’s reporting on. If the tag already exists then the bot will stop running the report. I personally have these numbers sent to me via SMS on the first of each month.  

The Split Tester Bot: The Split Tester Bot allows you to run a group of contacts based on a tag they share in common through an A/B split test. Like other owner bots you actually apply this bot to your own contact record and it will do it’s work on all contacts that match the variables provided.



You Are Number Bot:  You Are Number Bot will count how many contacts have a particular tag and return that number to a whole number or text field.

Counter Bot: Counter Bot was the bot that inspired the Funnel Bots. Counter Bot was inspired by Jermaine Griggs work on behavior based marketing. Counter Bot is used to advance a count by one that is stored in a whole number field in a contact record.

The Move It Bot: The Move It Bot will move a field value from one field to another. This bot does not discriminate. It will transfer any type of value from one place to another, so make sure your field types are compatible.

The Proper Bot:  The Proper Bot will convert any text field into proper case words. So your prospect thinks they need to SCREAM their name into your webform, but you don’t want to scream it back? Use Proper Bot to refine that text on the fly.

The Note Pad Bot: The Note Pad Bot will append the data in the field you indicate to the Contact Notes with a nice date time stamp. If you want to gather data out of custom fields to recycle them, this is the way to do it!



The Addition Bot: The Addition Bot does exactly what you’d expect. It adds two numbers and saves the result to the field you indicate. It’s designed to work with numbers of all types.

The Subtraction Bot: The Subtraction Bot does exactly what you’d expect. It subtracts value 2 from value 1 and saves the result to the field you indicate. It’s designed to work with numbers of all types.

The Multiplication Bot: The Multiplication Bot does exactly what you’d expect. It multiplies two numbers and saves the result to the field you indicate. It’s designed to work with numbers of all types.

The Division Bot: The Division Bot does exactly what you’d expect. It divides value 1 by value 2 and saves the result to the field you indicate. It’s designed to work with numbers of all types.



Order Item Quantity Bot: Order Item Quantity Bot looks at the last order and returns the quantity of a product based on a product id provided.

Balance Due Bot: Balance Due Bot is a very important bot. He finds out how much money a contact has outstanding for a give period of time and saves it to a field in the contact record (generally a currency field). Yes, I know there are other reports and automation for dealing with past due balances, but this bot is the last bot to make sure your other processes for collection are working!

Big Spender Bot: Big Spender Bot will calculate how much a customer has spent in a given period of time and save that to the field you indicate (generally a currency field).

Last Invoice Bot: Last Invoice Bot was our first suggested bot. A private client didn’t want to use the default receipts that Infusionsoft sends out, so he needed a way to get the total spent on the last invoice and merge it into an email that told his customer about their purchase. He runs this bot right before sending out the order confirmation, and since this bot runs in a couple seconds, it’s fast enough to keep the pace!

The Transaction Average Bot: The Transaction Average Bot will calculate and save the average transaction value of a customer for a give time period.

The Transaction Count Bot: The Transaction Count Bot will tell you how many times a customer has purchased from you in a give period of time.



Social Bot: Social Bot scours the interwebs for social networks associated with your contact’s information and returns a report of what it found, if anything. Social Bot will save the report to the notes of the contact, but optionally it can save the report to a field as well. Unlike the rest of the bots, Social Bot does have an additional cost. But at 2 cents per successful report, it’s nominal compared to the value of the data!

Social H Bot: Social H Bot scours the interwebs for social networks associated with your contact’s information and returns a report of what it found, if anything. Unlike it’s brother Social Bot, Social H Bot will save the report to the field indicated in html format. This is great for merging the results into a webpage for easy viewing and clicking. Unlike the rest of the bots, Social H Bot does have an additional cost. But at 2 cents per successful report, it’s nominal compared to the value of the data!

Social Multi Bot: Social Multi Bot is the bot to use when you want to run a large portion of your database through the social bot process. The Social Multi Bot is designed to protect your Infusionsoft app from being overwhelmed by API calls that the Social Bot makes. Unlike the rest of the bots, Social Multi Bot does have an additional cost. But at 2 cents per successful report, it’s nominal compared to the value of the data!



Add Time Bot: This bot is called Add Time Bot, but really he’ll subtract time too. Just enter a negative number for timetoadd and he’ll remove that much time from your original date! Do you need to add time to an expiration date, or any other date or date/time field in your contact records? The Add Time Bot is here to help.

The Date Difference Bot: The Date Difference Bot will get the difference in the unit of time indicated between any two date or date/time fields in a contact record. Useful for seeing how long a customer has been in your database for things like anniversaries. Because the difference is absolute, it doesn’t matter which date you put in the first or second slot.

Friendly Date Bot: Friendly Date Bot takes these ugly hard to read dates that computers love and displays it in a nice friendly format. We like to keep a text field reserved for our friendly dates and just run the Friendly Date Bot before we send out a notification with the date merged into the out bound SMS, Email or Direct Mail piece (i.e. ZenDirect).

The Tag Difference Bot: The Tag Difference Bot will get the difference in the unit of time indicated between when any two tags in a contact record were added. Useful for seeing how long it took for a prospect to become a customer (apply a tag to all prospecting actions and another tag when any purchase is made. Even though it may try to apply the tag multiple times, the date the tag was originally added will be the date unless the tag is removed.)

The Date Tag Bot: The Date Tag Bot takes a date you give it and applies a tag named the day of the week, month and or year.



The Referral Count Bot; Referral Count Bot was requested by a funnel bot user! This bot will count how many referrals an affiliate has based off the affiliate’s contact id and return that number to a whole number or text field.




Customized Thank You Pages Redirect people to different offers, content or any other page based on their tag or contact data.  

Split Test Pages Test different web pages to discover which page has the best conversion rate.  

Split Test Emails Split test emails and follow-up sequences in Infusionsoft to determine which one has the best conversion rate.  

Video Tracking Find out how much of your content is actually being consumed by your customers and prospects.  

Cycler Easily, intelligently, and automatically decide which content to send to prospects and customers  

Addition and Subtraction Keep track of your contacts behaviors by adding or subtracting data stored in their records. Keep track of how many links they click, web forms they fill out, times they purchase and more. Or simply add or subtract custom fields you already have.  

Division Have your own unique data calculations that you need to perform? No problem. Use this feature to divide number fields.  

Multiplication Have your own unique data calculations that you need to perform? No problem. Use this feature to multiply number fields.  

Combine Fields Intelligently combine fields together to tailor greeting fields, and to expand the size of a field set with a specific value.  

Make a Note Create a note for a contact using field data to populate the note body.  

Apply Tag to Associated Records Apply a tag to all contacts that share the same value in a custom field.  

Set Owner Set the owner of a contact record to the user that created the record.  

Set Field Set a field to a specified value or to a value in another field.  

Humanize Infusionsoft Dates Humanize lets you turn the digital calendar language of the computer into the conversational calendar language of the human being… perfect for strengthening any message where giving a date is important.  

What’s the date? Know when free trials expire, subscriptions need to be renewed, and other essential dates.  

How Much Time is Between Two Events Get a complete picture of your sales cycle. Take two events inside Infusionsoft and figure out how many days were between them.    

Other great third party Infusionsoft Integreation Email (parse values) to crm (any lead delivered by email can be opt-in to Infusionsoft) When API is not an option, now we can parse the values from emails and send it directly into Infusionsoft. Run any action set after contact is created. Works with HTML and plain text emails.  

Forum Integrate Infusionsoft and/or Customer Hub with Simple Press  

ClickBank Finally, an Integration Between the Greatest Affiliate Network (CLICK BANK) on Earth and the Most Powerful Marketing Automation Software (INFUSIONSOFT) Known to Man!  

Analytics Stop staring at numbers for hours on end. Understanding the performance of your business shouldn’t be guess work and it certainly shouldn’t be hard work either. With Maven Analytics, you can tell if things are trending up or down with a single glance.  

RSS to Email Push “publish” in your blogging platform and Maven RSS to Email will instantly create a unique email template in your Infusionsoft application, queue up your blog subscribers and send them an email.   SALES PAGES AdWords/PPC Ready Squeeze Page OPT-IN PAGES WEBINARS OPT-IN PAGES THANKS-YOU PAGES UPSELL PAGES PRODUCT LAUNCH PAGES PRE-CART PAGES   eBook Landing Page G+ Hangout Page (Also A Video Sales Page, Webinar Replay Page, And Opt-In Page) Live Page Podcast Landing Page SEO Blog Category Page Survey Squeeze Page Sold Out Page YouTube Landing Page Video Lesson Page For Autoresponder Followup AND SO MUCH MORE


CANCELLATION POLICY: An appointment cancellation needs to be notified to Guillaume Couillard by email at 24 hours prior the date and time of the actual appointment.  If the customer fails to comply with this cancellation policy, the appointment will count (or be charged) or will be deducted from the amount of appointments left in the customer purchased package.  All strategy, implementation and training meetings are conducted over an online Meeting Burner session. Consulting calls can be scheduled ANYTIME using the orange BOOK NOW that you’re getting on check out & in Guillaume email reminders to book a session. Keep in mind that Guillaume is working on an Eastern Standard Time NEWYORK-MONTREAL TIME excluding major holidays.